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30 m GLOBAL SATELLITE IMAGE mosaic in simulated natural color

More than 2000 predominantly cloudfree scenes of NASA Landsat 5 satellite were extensively processed to gain this seamless and color-balanced global mosaic of the earth in realistic colors.
The satellite image mosaic with a resolution of 28.5 meters/pixels is particularly suited for various (Web-)GIS and Navigation systems.
Additionally we offer the satellite image mosaic in 5 reduced resolutions (120, 240, 480, 960 and 1920 meter/pixel) - optimal for highest performance and continuous, stepless zooming.

This global satellite image mosaic was generated with our proprietary algorithms and is exclusively only available at Atlogis.

You can browse the complete 30 m satellite dataset on our Mapserver online ! See for yourself the high quality of the data !

Worldwide seamless satellite image mosaic in natural color
• Nearly complete coverage of the land masses.
• Seamless mosaic from more than 2000 predominantly cloudfree NASA-Landsat 5-scenes
• Satellite imagery from 1990 - 1994
• Geographic Projection (Plate Caree), map datum WGS 84 (optional also other projections)
• Resolution 0.000256 degree per pixel ( ca. 1 arcseconds or ca. 28.5 meters/pixel)
• Accuracy 50 Meter RMS (normally accuracy is better than 25 meters)
• More than 30 GB in ECW-format
• Available in 3878
2.25 degree-tiles or regional single ECW-files (e.g. one ECW per country)

The satellite image mosaic is divided into handy 2.25 degree tiles in georeferenced ECW-format. On demand we provide the satellite image data also in other graphical formats or projections. Also large countrywide single ECW-files are possible.
Especially for GIS-Servers we offer the mosaic in tile-sizes of 256x256 or 512x512 pixels and additional reduced resolutions for different zoom-levels. So the satallite imagery can be used directly by cache-based geobrowsers like
Google Earth/Maps or WorldWind.

Please contact us for further information.

Examples of use

Digital media
• Navigation-Sytems
• Web-Applications
• Geobrowser/GIS-Server
• Digital Atlases
• Computergames
• Flight Simulator
• Location based services
• 3D - Animations
• Edu-/Infotainment
• Weather-Maps
• Maps / Atlases
• Poster / Large Format Print
• Press

GIS / Remote Sensing
• Cartography
• Surveying and Mapping
• Classification
• Scientific Visualization

Geo-Browser for our satellite imagery and maps.
We provide excellent satellite image mosaics and relief maps from any place on earth including height maps and vector data.

Geo-Browser for our satellite imagery and maps.
Landsat 7 v2 mosaic
Global satellite image in
natural color.

Topographic Maps
Browse world-wide
topographic maps.


Sahara satellite image

Sahara Erg Ubari 3D  satellite image

Sylt 3D satellite image

Saudi Arabia oasis satellite image

Monterrey 3D satellite image

Red Sea 3D satellite image

Nile delta, Sinai  satellite image

Sahara rivers 3D satellite image

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