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Global SATELLITE IMAGE MOSAIC in 120 - 1920 meters/pixel resolution

For several uses it is enough to have medium or low resolution satellite images. Therefore we offer our Landsat 7 satellite image mosaic in 5 reduced resolutions with 120, 240, 480, 960 and 1920 meters per pixel .
Also these images can be used as upper zoom levels for our 15m- and 30m-mosaics.

Please use the image viewer on top of this page to browse the 120 m satellite image or click on the example links below.

World-wide satellite image mosaic in natural color

Resolution Pixelsize Pixels Size Tiff Size Ecw Ca. Scale Atlogis Maps
120 Meter/Pixel 361342x146490 Pixel 53 Giga-Pixel 147 GB 5.5 GB 1:216.281
240 Meter/Pixel 175788x78128 Pixel 13.7 Giga-Pixel 38 GB 1.2 GB 1:432.562
480 Meter/Pixel 98883x43948 Pixel 4.3 Giga-Pixel 12 GB 360 MB 1:865.124
960 Meter/Pixel 43948x21974 Pixel 965 Mega-Pixel 2 GB 95 MB 1:1.730.249
1920 Meter/Pixel 22584x9155 Pixel 206 Mega-Pixel 591 MB 25 MB 1:13.841.995

Clicking the links in upper table will open
Atlogis Maps and zoom to Las Vegas at the according scale to demonstrate the difference of the 5 resolutions.

The satellite images are available as single, georeferenced ECW-files or as tiled JPEG-files.

Please contact us for further information.

Examples of use

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• Location based services
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• Edu-/Infotainment
• Weather-Maps
• Maps / Atlases
• Poster / Large Format Print
• Press

GIS / Remote Sensing
• Cartography
• Surveying and Mapping
• Classification
• Scientific Visualization

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Geo-Browser for our satellite imagery and maps.
Landsat 7 v2 mosaic
Global satellite image in
natural color.

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