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3D-Visualization and 3D-Animation of satellite images and maps
With the combination of satellite images or maps and digital elevation models it is possible to generate fascinating and photorealistic 3D-scenes.
We can use our several terabytes large archive of satellite imagery and height data to generate high-end 3D-visualizations and animations for any place in the world. On demand we organize also more up-to-date-scenes or scenes with highest resolution.

We deliver high-quality, seamless and continuous fly-over and zoom-in-animations from any location on earth.

Static 3D views
Please visit Atlogis Map Shop and select the 3D Satellite Image Configurator or the 3D Relief Map Configurator to create and order realistic 3D views of the earth.

3D Animations
Use our 3D-Geobrowser Atlo3D to create 3D Fly-Throug Animations of the Earth. Activate the "Animation Tool" and add keyframes and see the real-time preview of your animation sketch. Send us your animation and we will render a smooth high definition video file for you.

• 3D-visualization of satellite imagery, maps and vector data
• 3D-animations in Flash- or Videoformat in PAL, NTSC or HDTV quality
• 3D-images also in extrem high resolution for e.g. large scale printing

Use cases
• Television (edu- und infotainment, sport-events, weather forecast, etc.)
• Scientific visualization
• Print media, press
• Web design
• Poster / Banner prints



Please contact us for further information.

Geo-Browser for our satellite imagery and maps.
We provide excellent satellite image mosaics and relief maps from any place on earth including height maps and vector data.

Geo-Browser for our satellite imagery and maps.
Landsat 7 v2 mosaic
Global satellite image in
natural color.

Topographic Maps
Browse world-wide
topographic maps.


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